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One of the biggest challenges that counselors in private practice face is how to balance seeing clients and catching phone calls from potential clients.  Many clinicians believe that potential clients are willing to wait hours for a return call.  However, countless times I have heard the following from client as well as mental health clinicians looking for their own therapist.


“I can’t believe you answered the phone.”

“After playing phone tag for awhile, I finally decided to find someone who was able to answer their phone.”

“I have a list of therapists.  I’ve just been going down the line until someone picked up.”

“I called a few therapists.  Nobody ever returned my call.”


Answering the phone can be the difference between gaining a new client to support and help and your colleague to fill their private practice faster by gaining your potential client.  So what are your options?  

I’m going to share solutions for cash and insurance based private practices.  Even a way to think of  delivering a voice message that can help save you when you can’t get to the phone.




Below are just a few examples of places you can call to inquire about answering service.  A google search on answering services can definitely give more results.

Make sure you ask questions about HIPPA compliance, whether they can use your current scheduling platform, pricing plans, etc.  Some of these companies also offer a free trial.  Even if they do not advertise it on their website, you should still ask!

Concorde Communications 

24 Answering

SAS (Speciality Answering Service)



What is your plan of action to stop missing phone calls? Leave a comment below!


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