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On this episode of “Income Generating Networking and Marketing with Camille McDaniel, LPC”  We have some really great questions that cause me to take a look at:

Practice building when you can’t take insurance
Determining what to pay your clinicians
Ways to reach referral sources
Having the right marketing message

Here’s another episode packed with more information than a piñata at a birthday party!! 



3:06  Deborah Y. – Objectives to focus on when building a practice, how to build when you can’t take insurance, and importance of networking.

16:28 Sherry – What do you consider when determining a salary for clinician you hire?

22:08 Cheryl – What stage in business do you hire an intern?

26:14 Kelly and Elizabeth – How to reach out to referral sources?  How to build a practice when you don’t accept insurance?

34:00  Outro: Steps to consistent marketing and networking


For those looking for the interview I did with Tamara Suttle, here it is! 

Titled, “EAP Panels, Cash Practices, and Script for Transitioning Clients to Fee for Service”



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