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E-mail OverwhelmOur e-mail inboxes have become a storage house to hundreds of advertisements, announcements, career updates, newsletter subscriptions, and a host of other information that you probably can’t remember, even if you tried.  


So how many e-mails are in your inbox?  200?  300? 400+?  With all that clutter,  you are probably missing out on important e-mails that really need your attention.


I actually just took steps to de-clutter my e-mail inbox and it feels WONDERFUL!  I literally feel a sense of calm and relief when I go to open my e-mail now and so will you.  Today’s Tuesday Q&A will show you exactly what to do.








The MYOB conference has already started but you can still get in on the action!  Each Tuesday and Thursday until the end of July.  I hope to see you July 17th, when I speak on the topic, “Help More Clients by Creating Multiple Streams of Income” Go to  


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