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Being a business owner is not easy but it is so rewarding.  One of the things that helps us to travel this entrepreneurial road safely is solid information.  I sat down with Tamara Suttle, of Private Practice from the Inside Out, for this Tuesday Q&A Interview, to discuss the journey of mental health professionals in private practice.  We touch on everything from starting a new practice to ways that mental health professionals accept payment for their services and how to transition to a cash practice, if that is what you desire.


Just Starting Out:
When it comes to leaving that 9 to 5 and being your own boss, you have endless dreams of freedom.  This interview will give you great insight to prevent you from jumping out of that 9 to 5 environment and “off a cliff.”


Both Feet In and Ready to Transition:
You are already in private practice and you are accepting insurance but you think you would like to transition to cash only.  This interview will give you a way to have that conversation with your clients.  In addition, you get advice on how to do this while being ethical and adhering to insurance rules.
Tamara Tuesday Interview
The Counselor Entrepreneur LOVES doing Tuesday Q&A and Tuesday Q&A Interviews because it helps you get clarity and build your knowledge base.  However, you have to get to a place where you will be willing to do more if you want to build a solid business.  You didn’t piecemeal information together when you were becoming a mental health professional and you can’t piecemeal information together and build a strong viable business.  So here’s a gift to help you with your training…


Tamara Suttle wants to say “thank you” to everyone in The Counselor Entrepreneur community for being the inspiration behind her invitation to Tuesday Q&A.  For those who are interested in or just beginning to blog, she is inviting you to join her in the fall for a 4-week class called, BlogStart for Therapists.  Here are the details: the discount code TY70 to get a $70 discount.




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