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When it comes to helping others, you can look at giving information away as your rightful service.  Rightful service?  Yes, we should all help in whatever way we can, based on our individual talents and gifts.  The information you give away may consist of your blog, brochure, the Pinterest page you fill with needed resources, an e-book offered on your website, a downloadable mp3, etc.  This is a way to give people something they can use now.  If or when they need more information or help, they know who to call or e-mail.

If you work with other professionals in your field, you may worry that giving away too much information will prevent people from needing to work with you.  If you work with clients in a counseling setting, you may be concerned that your free information will be so complete that they do not need to schedule an appointment to see you.  

This Tuesday, I am responding to the question, “Camille, how do I create content to give to others without giving away too much?”




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