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Sometimes business owners get to a place in their business where they know they must market but for whatever reason they don’t seem to have an appropriate amount of money set aside for these business tasks.  The question, “How do you market on a shoestring budget?”  is a question some mental health professionals ask and it’s a question I also have asked, in the beginning days of my practice building. 

If you are willing to put in a little time, effort, and consistency, you can actually see a return on your investment from this one little step… send a holiday card to past clients.

Now my feeling is that it depends on your ability to remember your client preferences.  Don’t blindly send a card to everyone. However,  using the holidays as a reason to reach out is a great low cost plan for connecting and reminding people you are here if they need you.  

In past years, I have sent cards to wish joy peace and happiness in the new year.  It worked nicely because some old clients came back.  I believe others were reminded of me and referred others to me, coincidentally, around the same time they received a card from me.  I ask “Who may I thank for this referral?” on my intake paperwork so that I can try to measure this.


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